Conference Mobile Apps to Simplify Conference Organizing Process

There was a time when to organizing an event or conference required a number of people, well equipped with standard phones, notepads, pens, highlighters etc. Conference volunteers used to keep a list of attendees in their hand all the time. Every conference update or announcements were delivered through emails, text or phone calls.

In today’s technology-driven world, organizing a conference is far easier as compared to past process. Even the simple payment solutions make things easier for the conference organizers and attendees. Paper-based work has moved on to online systems. And to accomplish this endeavor is a mobile app.

Mobile App for Conference/Event

congenie-mobile app for conferences

A conference organizer’s job begins from the time the conference idea is generated all the way through to analyzing the victory of the conference when it’s ended. Therefore, it is best to opt for an app that can be of some support to you during the whole project.

Start setting up your event’s mobile app. For this, you may hire a company that offers complete IT Solutions to the conferences and events including mobile app development, website development, and abstract management system and so on. Make sure your apps home screen should reflect your conference theme and logo to catch the attendee’s attention and delight your sponsors and exhibitors.

It is essential to have an app that makes everyone involved with several aspects of process like sponsor’s advertisements, safe and secure payment gateway, easy navigations and so on. Make sure your app gives a user-friendly environment to the app users and deliver all information in best possible way to the targeted participants and exhibitors.

Post Conference

At last but not the least, once your event/conference is done with huge success, don’t forget that organizer’s job is still on peak. Congenie can help you to make your conference a big success and make sure you get your all data together even after the event has down. Our online systems, apps and highly experienced IT experts offer best customized IT services for your conference.