About congenie

Congenie is changing the game when it comes to event management! Experienced event professionals everywhere are taking advantage of its user-friendly interface to save time and money - as well as their own sanity! By combining the power of AI with the convenience of a user-friendly platform, It offers an unprecedented solution for any events organization looking to optimize their workflow!

Our Story

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Our Values

Real-time Data Analytics

Congenie's AI event management platform provides real-time data analytics that help event planners make informed decisions on the fly. This allows for greater flexibility and adaptability.

Personalization Capabilities

With Congenie's AI-powered personalization capabilities, event planners can create customized experiences for guests based on their preferences and behavior.

Attendee Management

The platform's automated guest list management feature saves time and reduces errors by automating the process of sending invitations, tracking RSVPs, and managing attendee information.

Resource Optimization

Congenie's AI algorithms optimize resources such as venue space, catering services, and equipment to minimize waste and reduce costs while ensuring a seamless experience for attendees.


Congenie prioritizes security with features such as facial recognition technology for check-ins, encryption of sensitive data, and role-based access control. These measures ensure that attendee safety and privacy are protected at all times.

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