Revolutionizing the event industry!

With one intuitive platform, you can connect with event organizers, set up cost tracking, and keep your attendees informed from their initial purchase all the way to their experience at the event. It makes everything run smoothly so you can be stress-free and focus on what really matters: creating amazing events! Plan events more efficiently with ConGenie.

State of the art Demographic REGISTRATION

With Congenie's secure back-end storage, compilation and on-demand visualization of demographic data makes it easier than ever. Allow anyone, anywhere to quickly register their demographic profile with ease and accuracy.

Accidentally missed somebody - BARCODE and QR is here!

Congenie’s barcode and QR code are the perfect way to keep track of attendees at your event. Can assign each attendee with their own unique code, and use this code to scan and verify on the day - making sure you know who has shown up for your big event.


Ultimate event experience right to fingertips - Congenie Mobile App

Taking event planning to a whole new level, offering a mobile application that allows attendees to track agendas, send messages to other participants and speakers, and even view the event in real-time. This intuitive platform puts the power of convenience and connection at your fingertips.


Plan an event smoother than ever - The Emailer “Packs a Punch!

Powerful platform takes care of all the tedious work related to hosting an event, from templates and surveys to audience management and more. Plus, It has a dedicated emailer available that ensures continuous communication with attendees during the planning phase. With custom templates to choose from, the options are endless for creating memorable emails.

Are you ready to take your event experience to the next level with AI-powered Platform